Updating the “Shortcodes Ultimate” Plugin After Customization

The theme I was running on the site was LMS Press. Once I updated the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin the customization disappear because it seems like the update wipes out any extra css file added to the plugin. In my case the extra code was added to the box-shortcodes.css file.

This issue was fixed by pasting the custom CSS code inside LMS Press Options > General > Custom CSS.

Here is the custom CSS code that was added:

.su-spoiler.su-spoiler-icon-none > .su-spoiler-content{
padding: 0px;
     -webkit-transition: padding-top 0;
     -moz-transition: padding-top 0;
     -o-transition: padding-top 0;
transition: padding-top 0;
-ie-transition: padding-top 0;
height: 0;
margin: 0;
overflow: hidden;
opacity: 0;
border: none;
}.su-spoiler.su-spoiler-icon-none > .su-spoiler-title {
cursor: default;
border: none;

A question that arises from this is if the issue could also be fixed by applying the custom code inside the style.css file of the child theme. I should test that for this and other similar changes that need to be made on the site.

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