Creating a Firefox Extension

I started by googling the topic and coming upon this article:

It then took me to this link that had a whole bunch of instructions and tutorials on how to develop the plugin:

My goal for this plugin was to be able to press a button to display the total number of words completed on As of April 26th, 2016 duolingo doesn’t show the total number/count of words that you have completed in it. For me that count was over 1000 so it wasn’t practical for me to know how many words I have in my vocabulary. The completed words are displayed on this link when you are logged in:

In order to install jpm, node.js had to be installed first. Then the following command was run in the command prompt: npm install jpm

If you try running a non-signed extension in Firefox it’s going to display an error and not let you install that extension. So API credentials need to be created on You will have to create a Mozilla account before you do that.

Once any modification is made to the plugin during development I use the following command to see the new functionality: jpm run

I’m going to try to use this:

Then I’m going to count the rows somehow.


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